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    Have you thought about removing your pool lately? Are you unsure of what type of contractor can help you properly complete Columbus pool demolition? Instead of choosing a company that is a jack of all trades, look at a specialized company that has made it their priority to remove pools for their customers. Remove A Pool Columbus can help you rid yourself of the hassle of a pool, by excavating your pool in a day or less. We are an experienced team of Columbus pool demolition experts, and can safely remove any shape or size pool.

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    Common Reasons Homeowners For Removing A Pool

    There are dozens of reasons you may be considering removing a pool in Columbus, here are a few of the most popular situations our customers tell us about.

    • I haven’t used my pool in years
    • The pool is so old that it’s an eye sore and I cringe every time I look in the yard
    • My kids have moved out and the pool no longer gets used
    • The pool needs fixed again and I’m done with continual repairs
    • I can’t get people to make an offer on my home because of the pool
    • My homeowner’s insurance gets higher every year
    • I am tired of spending money on pool upkeep

    You may relate to all of these, or have an entirely different reason for wanting to get rid of your pool. Remove A Pool can help you if you can relate at all. It only takes one phone call to set up a Columbus pool demolition.

    What Are My Columbus Pool Demolition Options?

    Remove A Pool can offer you two pool demolition options: partial and full pool demolition. Most of our customers choose partial demolition because it is quicker and a cheaper way to remove a backyard pool. This process involves removing the side walls and lining but leaving the concrete flooring in place. We then fold the pool back into itself and fill the remaining hole with a mixture of rock and soil.

    The other option is a full pool demotion which is the best choice if you plan to expand your home or build another structure over the old location of the pool. Also referred to as exhumation, during this type of pool demo all portions of your old pool are removed including the concrete bottom. All debris is then hauled off and the hole is filled. If you have any questions about which is the best choice, Remove A Pool will gladly discuss your plans for your yard and offer you advice.

    What to Expect When Removing A Pool in Columbus

    Now that you know your options for removing a pool, you may be wondering what will actually happen when Remove A Pool gets to your house. After you receive and accept our estimate, we will schedule a date to come to your home.

    Then we will find out if a permit is required for the project in your neighborhood, and obtain if it necessary. After this is done, we can get started on your pool removal.

    The first thing we will do when we arrive at your home is drain your pool. If we are doing a partial removal we will poke holes in the pool foundation to let it continue to drain. We will then complete the pool demolition and take all of the debris to a recycling plant making the entire process environmentally friendly.

    Next, Remove A Pool will fill in the space that is left behind with a mixture of rocks and soil. This helps prevent settling. If you wish, we will add some grass seed so you literally don’t have to do anything else.

    Get the process started today by calling Remove a Pool for a free estimate on your Columbus pool demolition project.

    Some Of Our Testimonals

    I really recommend this crew!

    It is an extreme hassle to buy a house now, and when you are looking to buy a house with a pool its even more of a pain.  We contacted quite a few companies in the area and none got back in a timely matter other then Don Handy.  Don was the point man between the buyers and seller’s agent and kept me inform of what was going on during the pool demolition.


    I spent two mornings at the new house watching over the team as they worked hard from sunrise to sunset.  We even observed them rescue a family of frogs that was trapped at in the deep end of the pool.  The crew planted new grass that looks great.  The team placed seeds and straw for new grass that looks great now.

    I highly recommend this crew of guys!  They work hard and are easy to deal with.


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